"I am a HR exec in the technology industry, I was already making a six-figure income but working 50-60hrs per week, was the victim of multiple layoffs, and struggled with credit card debt not enjoying my life. My wife and I enrolled at the top package, went to training and joined the Freedom Force, as a result our team is growing, we've increased our income, eliminated $8,500 in debt, we've made progress towards college tuition, retirement, and we're tithing for the first time ever"

Paul & Jennifer Taylor

"Prior to getting started, I was managing a multi-million dollar security company. I was already making over $100,000 but I saw this as a possible way to leverage both time and money. I got started with the top package, my wife and I rolled our business out through a VIP CALL. We made $300 that weekend! The following week we went to a FIRST STEPS TO SUCCESS training Within five weeks our business had grown to five states, still growing at a healthy and predictable rate."

James Owens

"My husband and I own a drywall business, due to the industry slowing down we were facing forclosure and repossesion. We decided to take a Leap of Faith, instead of making a house payment we joined at the top package. In less than a week I was at a Live Training with Dani. Within 3wks we caught up on our bills, cut our monthly budget by over $1500, we've paid cash for several trainings, saved money on travel, had a blast and made some GREAT new friends. We even took our FIRST family vacation in 14years. If you want to change your life and have a blast helping others do the same, get started at the top package, plug into the step by step training and take ACTION NOW!"

Heather Scruggs

"Prior to starting my business, I was working 4 jobs, had maxed out all my credit cards & had virtually no time for my family. Since plugging into the training I have since earned over $100,000, paid off $62,000 in debt, & have traveled all over the world. Most recently, my wife & I spent 2 weeks in Bora was a $25,000 vacation that we took for free as a business incentive!"

Nate & Robin Ridgeway

"Prior to getting started I was a full-time engineer and part-time firefighter. Due to my position, I spent 60-70 hours per week 3 or 4 weeks a month on the road traveling on business and didn't have any time freedom. This company was presented to me and I came onboard. I plugged into some simple training and following that I made my initial investment back in just 30 minutes of my time. I have since went on building and have a team that is stretched out into several states. I have since learned how to cut my debt in half and I will be taking more dreamtrips this year. Thank You Freedom Force"

Matt Reed

"Before I met Madiba Thompson, I was a struggling networker. I had heard Mr. Thompson edified on a training call with veteran networker Tom Challan. I looked him up, read about Mr. Thompson's success on several websites, and enjoyed reading his savvy articles. I knew right away I wanted to be a part of his team. I joined that day at the top package, without even asking my husband. Mr. Thompson has provided consistent, encouraging, and step-by-step direction. I feel so blessed to be working with him. Be advised-he doesn't work with just anybody, but he'll carve out some time for a select few who are coachable, dependable, self-motivated, and who take action. Thank you, Mr. Thompson!"

Nancy Carroll

"Prior to getting started, I was a burnt out Network Engineer looking for a way to create Financial security despite what is happening in todays economy. I had spent $100's on other home based business, and failed. I found Dani, who has a track record of helping people succeed in home based businesses. Then I found The Freedom Force Team I got started at the top package, and registered for training. In under 4 months, I was able to pay off over $12,000.00 in debt, and my business is growing like crazy because of the training system that the team is plugged into."

Tammy Harmon


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    Whether You Think You Can or Can't You're Right
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    The Freedom Force is a group of entrepreneurs that capitalize on up and coming trends that are the most exciting and lucrative in the work from home industry. For the past 2 years we have been focused on the fastest growing segment.

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    "YES, I Want To Find Out About The Primary Business
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    How To Evaluate MLM Companies

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    P.S. Start experiencing the level of success you desire in your life and business today.

    P.P.S. I guarantee 100% if the foundation of what you are currently doing isnít working for you, and you continue doing it, tomorrow will yield the same results. Change the foundation, change the results.

    God Bless

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